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Prism Age Defiance


Organic Coconut Absolute is a base oil.
Vitamins: B5, E
Other: D.S.H vegetable, Hyaluronic Acid, P-P-M. Secret Peptide.
Skin type; All skin types. Great for sun damaged, sensitive, acnified, oily or dry & dehydrated.

How to use

Use day or night after cleansing with either Hydro Cleansing Milk (Oily skin) New Edition Cleansing Cream (normal, dry, anti-ageing). Follow with a Bee Venom Mask.


  • New ground-breaking Prism Technology
  • On contact with any light source including, UVA, UVB, Infrared & VIS (Mobiles, tablets & computers) it boosts skins natural collagen by a poly peptide production in the skin tissue
  • It helps to protect against sun damage
  • Protects against skin DNA damage but is not an SPF - it does this by making skin produce it's own anti-ageing sun care
  • An anti-ageing moisturiser that helps clear spots and prevent further break outs.
  • Light and non-greasy
  • Super anti-ageing
  • 7 day repair
  • Balances your skin
  • Will help to reduce scar information
  • Will help keep your skin looking young by plumping out fine lines and wrinkles
  • Keeps water within your skin
  • Ideal as a base for make-up
  • Good for sensitive skin types
  • Works like fillers, but all over
  • Helps rosacea, acne, sun damage, pigmentation and loss of elasticity

Bee defiant: If your skin defines your age, let's defy the signs of ageing.

NOW With NEW ground-breaking Prism Light Defiance Technology
You wanted sun protection, you've got a whole lot more!

Prism Age Defiance Cream is an revolutionary anti-ageing moisturiser that on contact with
any light source generates smoother, tighter skin actually reversing the signs of damage & ageing
from sunlight, light and pollutants. a natural sun care boosts collagen on exposure to UVA, UVB
and Infrared light. protects you from visible light from mobile phones, tablets and computers.

All spectrum's of light will activate the peptide in Prism age defiance cream to produce collagen in your skin tissues.

Questions and Answers

How does it differ from the Bee Venom Mask?

It’s a completely different style of product, yet has similar effects of over production of Collagen & Elastin that plump out lines and make skin youthful.

Are the results topical for that day?

No, the effects are long lasting, the more you use the cream the more it anti-ages.

If I stop using ‘Prism Light Defiance Technology’ will the results disappear?

No, the Collagen & Elastin that has been produced remains and has made your skin younger, until the moment you do something that causes the skin to damage again, like exposure to light without protection.

Can I use it at night?

Yes you can, you do need to stimulate the action of the cream with light though, so download the special Prism App* to your phone, or apply early and expose skin to outside light for 5 minutes, any other light source needs to very close.

How often do I need to use the cream?

One application in the morning would be great, but two applications, day & night would be optimal.

does it stop pollution harming my skin?

Yes, it has anti-pollutant tendencies, the higher the pollution areas the stronger the reaction to the cure.

Am I too old to use this cream, will it have any effect?

100% of any age group that have been using this cream have experienced exceptional benefits. So, no, you are never too old, although if you are younger with a higher Collagen count you won’t have to use as often to achieve demanded results.

Why is the app so good?

The app was designed by Deborah to activate the Prism Light Defiance TechnologyTM to produce the skin repair system boosting the Collagen & Elastin to repair the natural DNA in the skin cells.

Why does it tingle when activated by light or the app?

This is a response action from the skin to Collagen & Elastin to detoxify and heal the skin.

If i use this cream when i go into the sun with an spf factor sun lotion will it help protect my skin?

Yes, although there is no SPF in Prism Light Defiance TechnologyTM it does hold a natural protection for your skin, with your skins response to the cream. In effect it makes your skin more protective to environmental influences.

Will it protect my skin from smoking damage?

Yes, it will release Collagen & Elastin again to protect against smoke and will have the added benefit to reverse the previous damage caused by smoking.

You are a brand that uses organic ingredients, is this organic?

Yes, it is a patented technology which is a natural occurring phenomenon that has only a natural source not an organic one.

How quickly will it remove my pigmentation, and why won’t it remove my tan?

Pigmentation is the damage to the skin, the damage there is the higher the response to that area, Melanin is produced and it will gradually remove pollutants on application of the cream. The tan won’t fade and it will not lighten it, it’s not in the block of damage so it will even the skin tone

Is this product scientifically tested?

Yes, this product has years of tests and results and long standing use of this technology has miraculous results.

Can I increase even more effectiveness of this prism cream?

Yes, if you use a Bee Polish or a BeePeel (Both are exfoliants) pre-application of this cream the results are even more incredible.

Does it keep my skin cooler in the sun?

Yes it does, as it helps protect your skin from the effects of heat damage.

Will it stop my skin going red after a meal or alcohol?

Yes it will, it helps your skin become less red on exposure to spicy food and alcohol.

How did you think of something like this?

I began thinking not only of anti-ageing but about protecting skin against sun damage in the first instance, so with study and research Prism Light Defiance Technology was born from this initial thought, people think I’ve invented a miracle.

How old should I be before i start to use products with prism light defiance technology?

You can never be too young to protect your skin from UV, IR or VIS light sources, with the changing ozone, new light sources and all of the lights that are changing in our homes everywhere, it’s better to be protected.

Do your celebrity & royal clients use this cream?

Yes, I believe all of my clients everywhere, including you should be using the best therapy or cures that I can create and offer, and this, simply, is the very best.