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“ "Be healthy, be happy and your skin will radiate beauty" ”

Youthful Moisturiser


Essential Oils: YLang YLang, Lemon Tea Tree Frankincense (All Organic)
Herb: Calendula Oil, St John Wart Oil
Base: Aloe Vera
Vitamins: Vitamin C
Other: P-P-M

How to use

Use morning after cleansing with Ella Jane wipes of Hydro Cleanser for oily skins or Limited Edition for normal and dry skin.
Youthful Moisturiser:
AM/PM, apply to cleansed skin.


  • Helps open pore black heads
  • Helps to balance oils in oily skin
  • Due to its non-drying formula anyone can use this product
  • Helps to repair your skin tissue
  • So light and intensively moisturising
  • Chameleon logic cream
  • Helps keep your body as good as new
  • Helps pigment
  • Suitable for young or old skin
  • All the open pores vanish
  • The feeling of eternal youth
  • Rich to help dry skin and blemishes appearing over oily skin, but non-greasy.
  • Pigmentation fades
  • A little cream goes a long way
  • Really preserves tissues

Skin is oil free at last, making skin look younger. Pores close, blackheads improve, and pigmentation fades. Skin needing oil will become less dry.
Helps pigment
Suitable for young or old skin
It really does cure oil on skin, but also makes older skin look and feel young. It's an intelligent cream, it has Chameleon logic, and it changes skin.

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