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I'm Staying up now.

There's nothing more ageing than not getting enough sleep, no matter how many beauty treatments you may have or how attractive you are; nothing can replace a good nights sleep.

Getting plenty of restful sleep is the cheapest beauty treatment on earth, how you lie in bed can effect your face so it's best to alternate the side you sleep. Puffy eyes can be caused through sleeping on your front because the lymphatic flow from under your eyes is impeded. Certain creases on the face could be avoided if you lay on your back not constantly on the same side, over years the crease line will become permanent.

Drinking tea or coffee past a particular time in the day can stop a restful sleep. Different people have varying levels of tolerance to coffee, if you find sleeping a problem I wouldn't drink coffee at all and limit tea or make it weaker. Some coffee alternatives can be very good for you, like Dandelion root coffee it's slightly sweeter in taste but if you drink it often enough you can get to enjoy it.

Sandalwood is a good essential oil to bath with before going to bed. If your problems with sleeping are deep-seated worry, it helps the release of serotin in the brain, so does lettuce.

Insomnia can be the first sign of problems in a customers life when they come to the salon for a massage or beauty treatment because people can bury their problems hoping they'll go away but they never do.

Sorting any problem out can be a great tonic, from a small one like an argument with your partner, to a very large one, possibly something in you past which may need resolving. For deep-seated things you would need a lot of sorting out before sleep would return to normal.

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