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“ Award-winning skincare with proven results ”

Orange Flower Cell Renewal Hydrogel


Essential Oils: Organic Neroli
Herb: Organic Vegetable protein and asparagus

How to use

Apply after cleansing
Orange Flower Cell Renewal Hydrogel:
Apply after cleansing on cotton wool or Ellajane Wipes or use as a primer before foundation


  • Anti-ageing
  • Renew skin cells
  • Penetrates your skin getting to work from the inside out
  • Keeps your skin clear and smooth
  • Rejuvenates and heals skin tissue
  • Maintains healthy youthful skin by promoting collagen
  • Helps regenerated cells come to the surface
  • Leaves skin looking younger
  • Restores balance
  • Works as an exfoliant and plumps up the skin
  • Everything a toner does and much more...
  • Self healing hydrogels consist of a cross link network of organic
  • polomer style molecules, these net like structures calm, soothes
  • and firms skin tissue and delivers vital skin nutrient and hydration.
  • Intensely hydrating, plumping lines while refining skin
  • Speeds cell renewal & gently increases firming action of tissue repair
  • Anti-ageing and pigment scar repair
  • Refining of lines even on delicate eye area
  • Sensitivity to citric acid could be rare possibly for super sensitive skin.

Skin can look hard, this gives skin a softer look, which anti-ages.
Suitable for all skin types can use, but for anti-ageing it is highly beneficial to sun damaged skin. If you have a lack of tone and also if you need a rest from other toners.
Renew skin cells, penetrates your skin getting to work from the inside out, keeps your skin clear and smooth
Rejuvenates and heals skin tissue,
This can be used as a spritz or as a refresher.

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