“ The Bee Venom Mask contains Heavens patented secret youth giver, Abeetoxin® Heaven has the secret to naturally younger looking skin ”

It's a miracle!

everyone’s favourite skincare product just got better

“Due to popular request, I’m really happy and proud to announce the release of my special intense formula ‘Black Label’ Bee Venom Mask.”

Featured Product: Black Label Bee Venom Mask

Prices start from £21.15

This super intense version of our ground breaking and incredibly popular Bee Venom Mask does all that the original can do – and then some!

Its unique highly concentrated formula, consisting of natural and organic ingredients, works with your skin and facial muscles to produce instantly satisfying results.

This luxury wonder product promises to help banish those annoying frown lines and wrinkles, making your skin look instantly younger and smoother.

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