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“ The Bee Venom Mask contains Heavens patented secret youth giver, Abeetoxin┬« Heaven has the secret to naturally younger looking skin ”

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Welcome to our Customer Comments page. All comments are from genuine customers who have placed an order with us and relate to our product's and/or our services. If you want to leave feedback please Click Here.

Just wanted to write to sing the praises of your Bee Venom Mask.  I have been using it for about 3 months and have really dramatic reduction in wrinkles. I'm 54 and amazed that finally something works.  The crows feet round my eyes are almost gone! I'm telling everyone so thanks! - Jill
Just received my order for the small size of Bee Venom Mask and wanted to write and advise that it truly is amazing. Although it has only been a few days am already noticing a difference. Initially was very skeptical about the claims of the product but because do not wish Botox route, decided would try the mask. Thank you so much for making a product that does exactly what it states it will do.- Emma
Thank you SO much for those products... I absolutely love the peppermint facial mist, its great to spray over freshly applied make up and the bee venom mask I have used twice and love the way it feels and can't wait to see the results after continued use. Thanks again, I'll spread the word!- Jo
Have just received the bee venom mask and radiance cream today and I already love it.  Feels so good on my skin with no greasy residue that I have found with many other so called top products.  These are wonderful creams.  Thankyou so much.- Sarah
Just a note to let you know how much I love this product, I am so excited about receiving the rest of my order as I intend giving them as gifts for my family. Keep up the great work- Wendy
I just wanted to tell you about my amazing experience with your business and products.  I am an Australian who recently visited London on my way home from a months holiday in Spain and France.  Whilst I was away I was struggling with my skin , it was dry and rough and looking weathered and worn.  I went to three different therapists looking for help.  I was taken in for their idea of a great facial and within hours of the facial my skin was the same, no improvement. However, this changed  when I got to London.  I thought okay I am going to try another therapist.. I couldn't possible return home looking as bad as I did.  So I booked myself in for Angel face lift.  Not knowing anything about the products or the techniques that were going to be used I really didn't have many expectations that this was going to do anything for me.  Well to my suprise when I looked at my skin I was absolutely shocked.  My skin was beautiful, hydrated, plump and line free.   The best I have seen in years.  I was so over the moon,  I honestly could not believe the difference. Upon my return two days later to Australia I was getting comments from people telling me how my trip had done my skin the world of good.  I was quick to realise that it wasn't my trip it was in fact the facial I had.  So I looked up the therapist and saw she used your products and your techniques and quickly ordered the Celebrity Stars kit and crossed my fingers that I would able to get even half the results of my facial.  Today my kit arrived and I gave myself a mini facial.  I have never in my life seen products work so well and so quickly. I really have the skin you promise and with one application.  Deborah you and your team are absolutely amazing.  You have the best products I have ever found.  I cannot thank you enough for developing such amazing miracle products.   I am forever grateful for your work and thankful you send to Australia. I hope that therapists here will start doing your facials and using your products because I am not returning to London until next year and I don't think I can wait that long for another Angel face lift or even the LIA Therapy and your Heaven slimming lymph drain massage.  Lucky for me I can at least order your products directly from you. Once again thank you so much I am going to be telling everyone from the roof tops about your business, products and services.- Robyn